ISSUE 78  |  Dry Gardens

Spanish-Style Window Grilles and Registers

June 28, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

On a recent visit to the historic Spanish Colonial Revival-style Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara, I was enchanted by so many of the architectural details. My favorite? The sculptural and subtly ornate vents, registers, and grilles that let light and air through discreetly placed stairwell and window openings. My family members were embarrassed by my brazen public display of affection for the registers. Curious, I wondered if such architectural details were a lost art. Enter Pacific Register Company

Concrete Window Grilles


Above: With a similar look to plaster registers, but made to withstand outdoor elements, Concrete Window Grilles are often used in solid balcony sides of concrete or stucco homes. They are available fully framed for applications where water run-off is not an issue, and in a 3-sided frame or frameless where water drainage is needed. 


Above: Available through Pacific Register Company in any size and pattern, Glass Reinforced Concrete Window Grilles are installed flush with the house siding.  


Above: Window grilles are often admired, not just for their own design, but also for the shadows they throw inside. Here is a view from the interior. 

Plaster Registers


Above: Used in a variety of architectural styles including Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, and Moorish Revival, plaster registers are designed to be installed flush to drywall, plaster, or stucco. Pacific Register Company offers a wide range of decorative and functional plaster registers (along with its metal, aluminum, wood and stone registers, and grilles). All of the products are made in the US. 


Above: Typically 2 inches thick, plaster registers can be made from .5 to 5 inches thick and in any size. Pacific Register’s Complement of Patterns range from simple square grids, to medallions and more ornate patterns like the Wisteria pattern shown above. 


Above: A large Plaster Register from Pacific Register Company in a Gothic Clover pattern complements its surroundings. 


Above: Small custom plaster registers based on a Biltmore Hotel register design were placed on both sides of a front door. 


Above: A Rectangular Plaster Register in a pattern based on the registers at the Spanish Colonial Revival-style Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara. 

Another detail to consider: Spanish-Style Tiled Stair Risers.