5 Quick Fixes: In-Counter Compost Solutions by

Issue 65 · Belgium and Beyond · March 29, 2013

5 Quick Fixes: In-Counter Compost Solutions

Issue 65 · Belgium and Beyond · March 29, 2013

Confession: I am a reluctant composter. I know, I know. My impulse is to scrape the dinner plates into the sink, whirl the disposal, and be done with it. I do have a stainless compost bucket under the sink, but it's an awkward—and less-than-fragrant—arrangement. In my next life, I plan to incorporate an in-counter compost solution. And you? Do you keep a lidded pail on the counter? Tell us your techniques in the comments section:

Above: An integrated countertop compost portal; photograph via Cultivate.

Above: Two pullout drawers—the top one has a cutting board and the one below holds both a garbage and a compost bin. Photograph via The Farm Chicks.

Above: A stainless steel bucket you can lift out and carry to the compost bin in the backyard. Photograph via Blanco.

Above: An in-counter removable waste bin to collect scraps. Photograph via Studio Gorm.

Above: A DIY Compost Farm by Charlotte Dieckmann.

For more compost solutions, see Compost Like a Pro: Maven Bins Made in Vermont.

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