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DIY: Instant Hanging Shelves for Houseplants


DIY: Instant Hanging Shelves for Houseplants

August 6, 2013

Recently spotted from Byggstudio, a creative consultancy in Sweden: standard wooden trellises and DIY sawhorse tables display plants in a pop-up vintage plant shop.

Founded in 2006 by Hanna Nilsson & Sofia í˜sterhus, Byggstudio opened a temporary vintage plant shop in the middle of Stockholm. The idea behind the instant shop is to exhibit and exchange secondhand plants and document their stories as they’re passed from owner to owner. Byggstudio collaborated with architects Markus Bergstrí¶m and Simon Jones to build out the tiny shop with plant pots custom made by ceramicists Linus Ersson and Andrea Djerf.

We like the hanging shelves in the window so much that we decided to sleuth out the perfect wooden trellis to recreate the look at home.

Above: Layers of wooden trellises hang from thick green cord lengths showcasing a mix-and-match of plants and plant pots.

Above: Indoor plants at different stages of their lives: robust jade, burgundy wandering jew, and philodendron plants.

Above: The exterior of the Vintage Plant Shop (L) and a detail view of the hanging plant stand (R).

Above: The Riveted Diamond Trellis ranges from £7.99 to £21.99, depending on size, from Crocus in the UK. A US option is to use part of this Extendable Instant Fence; $20.89 from Amazon.

Above: To replicate the look, consider using Toner Hemp Cord in green; $6.56 for a roll of 400 feet at Amazon.

Above: Ikea’s Socker Plant Pot in assorted colors is made of steel with a powder coating; $1.99 each.

Above: The Bauer Biltmore Pot in blue (L) is $150 for a 12-inch pot, and the Bauer Flower Pot in yellow is $30.

Above: An inexpensive classic is the terra cotta pot, Ikea’s Flotbad Plant Pot is $7.99.

Thinking of recreating this look in your garden shed? See 142 images of Garden Sheds in our Gallery of rooms and spaces.

Finally, get more ideas on how to plant, grow, and care for various houseplants with our Houseplants: A Field Guide.

N.B.: This is an update of a post originally published July 25, 2012.

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