5 Delicious Ways to Eat Flowers by

Issue 68 · Africana · April 19, 2013

5 Delicious Ways to Eat Flowers

Issue 68 · Africana · April 19, 2013

As many of our favorite flowers blossom, we're planning to incorporate the edible varieties into our menus.  Here are five (actually, make that six) of our favorite recipes to add a bit of color and flora to your fare:

  DIY Rose Petal Honey Gardenista

Photograph by Marla Aufmuth.

Above: Of the rose petal honey she creates, Maria describes the flavor as "sensual, sublime, exotic." Virtually all roses are safe to eat, but Maria recommends using organically grown varieties. Visit DIY: Rose Petal Honey to learn how to make your own.

  Kendra Nasturtium Flower Salad Gardenista

Above: Photograph by Kendra Wilson.

Above: One of Kendra's favorite salad ingredients is nasturtium petals, which add color and a bit of spice to lettuces and other vegetables. Here, her spring mix is ready to be served.

DIY Spa Popsicle Gardenista

Above: The ultimate hot weather refresher? A homemade honeydew melon or avocado lime popsicle. Relying on fresh fruit for sweetness, these treats are healthier than many store-bought versions. For the complete recipe and more flavors, see DIY: Spa Popsicles.

Pickled Cherry Blossoms Gardenista

Above: Photograph by Chloe Aftel.

A fleeting symbol of spring, cherry blossoms never last long enough. To preserve the buds, consider salting them to later add to fresh fish or other dishes. Follow florist Louesa Roebuck's easy tutorial to learn how.

Homemade Lavender Soda Gardenista

Photograph by Marla Aufmuth.

Above: Lavender tastes as divine as it smells. Have you tried it? Follow this simple recipe for Lavender Soda and sip to your garden this spring.

  Sugared Viola Cake Gardenista

Photograph by Erin Boyle.

Above: The viola on top. A delight to both look at and taste, these flowers make for the perfect sugared treat to add to sweets. Follow Erin's easy directions to create your own.

And upon summer's arrival, we'll be making pitchers of Sarah's Hibiscus Thirst Quencher.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know what flower you love to eat in the comments section below.


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