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10 Easy Pieces: Labware Vases


10 Easy Pieces: Labware Vases

Michelle Slatalla July 02, 2014

Were you the kid who asked Santa for a chemistry set every year because you dreamed of filling glass beakers and flasks with colored potions that would fizz and give off puffs of acrid smoke? Or was that just me? A lust for labware never wanes; the adult way to handle it is to collect science-experiment-worthy glass vases. Here are 10 I’m coveting:

Above: Photograph via Landet Jí¤rna.

Bulbous vase, skinny neck: It’s the perfect shape for displaying a single delicate stem (with or without roots attached). My own collection of labware glass includes real beakers and flasks along with some skinny-neck vases whose shapes pay homage to chemistry class.


Above: When Scandinavian designer Estrid Ericcson got the idea in the 1930s to germinate acorns in a vase, he created a bulbous glass beaker with a narrow neck. The small opening in the Acorn Vase is useful for arranging a wildflower stem or two just so; 150 KR via Svenskttenn.

Above: If you want to get me something for my birthday, consider a clear glass Trio Vase Set designed by Jonas Wagell. Heights range from 6 to 12 centimeters; $42 from Scandinavian Design Center. (These also come in blue, amber, and green. I’d prefer clear glass, please.)

Above: An unabashed valentine to your childhood science set, the Chemistry Flask Vase comes in two sizes (150 ml and 500 ml); available for $20 and $25 at Bliss Home & Design.

Above: From CB2, a Wall Mounted Teardrop Vase is 7 inches long, with a flat back; it sells for $4.95. A group of these can be used to create an instant DIY Living Wall. See how Erin installed them in her sister’s office here.


Above: A Chemistry Glass Test Tube Vase is $36.60 from Not On the High Street.


Above: Designed by Michael Anastassiades, a glass Bottle Vase with a brass knob and base is an homage to the designs of Josef Frank. The clear glass body makes it possible to study the parts of a bouquet–stems and roots–that might otherwise hide under water; 1,000 SEK via Svenskttenn.

Above: A Beaker Glass Tube Vase has a hole to attach to a wall via nail, screw, or hook. It measures 8 inches long and sells for $2.95 from CB2.


 Above: Hardcore. From designer Seletti, a trio of Interior Lab Vases is so anatomically correct that they’d blend right in at chemistry class. Sold separately, the beaker, flask, and cylinder are $60 apiece from The Uncommons.


Above: A budget-friendly alternative, the Hanging Test Tube Vase is 65 cents from Flowers & Supplies, for either the 6-inch or 8-inch version (wire not included).


Above: A set of three handblown Science Flask Vases with white printed measuring lines is $34NZ from White Villa.

Picking summer posies? For more of our favorite vases, see 10 Easy Pieces: Single Stem Bud Vases and 10 Easy Pieces: Simple Glass Vases Under $30. And Shop all our editors’ favorites at Remodelista Vases.

Product Summary  

Estrid Ericson

Vas Ekollon

kr160.00 SEK from Svenskttenn
Design House Stockholm

Trio Vase Set

$42.00 USD from Scandinavian Design Center
Michael Anastassiades

Vas Flask

kr1,000.00 SEK from Svenskttenn

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