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10 Easy Pieces: Bird Feeders


10 Easy Pieces: Bird Feeders

Erin Boyle February 12, 2014

For bird lovers everywhere, here’s a roundup of ten modern bird feeders to draw avian neighbors to your yard and liven up your winter landscape. 

Above: The stainless steel Blomus Nido Bird Feeder comes with stake and suspension hanger included; $81.89 from All Modern. 

Above: Stina Sandwall’s chimneyed Pip Pip Bird Feeder comes in white, black, green, and red lacquered steel; $130 from Scandanavian Home.

Above: The Barcelona Bird Feeder was inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. This modern combination bird feeder and bird bath is made from sustainably harvested Acacia wood; $200 from Leibal.

Above: We imagine this Flythrough Copper Bird Feeder, made in the Blue Ridge Mountains, only becomes more beautiful over time. It comes with a copper hanger; $79 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Above: Made by Cincinnati-based Ingleside Pottery, this spherical white porcelain Bird Feeder is one of our favorites; $80 from Cut Modern. A pinhole drain keeps bird seed from becoming soggy. 

Above: The shallow bowl of the Rope Bird Feeder allows plenty of surface area for hungry birds to snack. The feeder is suspended from twisted cotton rope and a piece of copper tubing hides the knots; $72 from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.


Above: Designed by Amy Adams of Perch! in Brooklyn, this ceramic Bird Feeder offers snacking birds a little shelter. The feeder features a non-toxic glaze and is suspended from a leather cord; $98 from Branch Home. Replacement leather cords are available. 

Above: A sweet hut of a bird feeder, this ceramic Bird Feeder with Bronze Glaze is $80 from Cheryl Woolf Pottery.

Above: The wire mesh structure and metal rings at the middle and bottom of this Bronze Hourglass Feeder provide equal opportunity for perching and clinging birds and are strong enough to withstand damage from squirrels. The bird feeder is collapsible and can be stored in the off-season; $54 from Terrain.

Above: If squirrels are a particularly pesky issue in your backyard, consider the classic design of the Heritage Farms Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder; $40.49 from Casa.

More of a DIY-er? Make your own Grapefruit Bird Feeder or consider planting a Winter Berry Garden.

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