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10 Easy Pieces: Bird Feeders and Roosts


10 Easy Pieces: Bird Feeders and Roosts

December 16, 2022

Birds bring so much to the garden—endless entertainment, efficient pest control, as well as lots of life and joy. But they need a reason to visit us, especially in winter: a good supply of feed, whatever form that might take (it could be an edible forest you’ve planted just for that purpose or store-bought bird seeds, fat balls, or fruit) and perhaps even a cozy place to roost.

Ideally we want all of this to be as beautiful and sustainable as possible. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite feeders and nests, all made from eco-friendly materials, that will provide a warm welcome to garden birds over winter.


Above: Beautiful, contemporary bird feeders are hard to find, but this handmade, squirrel-proof oak Apple Core Feeder from The Natural Wood Company is a beautiful addition set against a tree. It comes with steel wire and clips. The design protects seeds that sit in the bottom section, and also provides cover for feeding birds. Available in four sizes; from £53.
Above: This Provincial Seed Feeder has a classic lantern design in brushed copper with two feeding points, a tray to perch on, and a mesh screen that allows birds to cling on; $69.95.
Above: Nowhere to hang a feeder? This pretty weathered metal Bird Feeder Tray can sit on a table, a windowsill, even on the ground; £29.95.
Above: The Rowen Bird Feeder has a glass center and a lantern surround that will blend in to any garden. The lid simply lifts off to make refilling and cleaning easy; £22.39.
Above: Made from recycled polypropylene, the Silo Feeder has five layers for small birds to feed from, as well as a “roof” to keep everything dry; €59.
Above: Ella James’ Rattan Bird Feeders can be clustered together to offer different types of food; £16.
Above: The Acorn Bird Feeder with hammered metal caps and leaves and a metal mesh body is perfect for larger seeds and nuts; $29.95.
Above: If you’re handy with a chisel, you could whip up a birch feeder at home but if not Nest4Nature’s pretty Bird Feeder is beautifully constructed from one birch, with a lift-off lid, several holes, and a sisal “roof”; €29.90.

Roosts and Nests

Above: Handwoven from seagrass and recycled saris, this Fairtrade Tahera Artisan Nester has a petite opening designed for small garden birds. Each one is unique, with different sari colors; £16.99.
Above: The English Birdhouse in whitewashed reclaimed pine with a shingle roof will bring a touch of the country cottage to your garden. It has a flat back and can be hung on a wall or tree; $178.

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