SunPak S34-TSR Patio Heater

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Product: SunPak S34-TSR Patio Heater
Retailer: Alfresco Heating

SunPak S34-TSR (Twin Stage Remote) Patio Heater

Infrared Dynamic’s new SunPak 12021 TSR (Twin Stage Remote) Patio Heater. 34,000 BTU High. 25,000 BTU Low. Stainless Steel. It comes with a hand-held and a wall-mount remote control.

Clearances are the same as an S34, so if in a covered area a 10′ or greater height ceiling (or trellis) is needed. It may be mounted uncovered and fully exposed to the elements.

Each heater has an individual plug in transformer. That saves installation time when you are installing not too many heaters.