Stainless Steel Shutter Hardware

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Product: Stainless Steel Shutter Hardware

Stainless Steel Exterior Shutter Hardware is a great solution for any home owner that is looking for a maintenance free exterior shutter installation.  Especially on a working operable exterior shutter where the hinges are used to support the weight of the shutter panel. In this instance the added strength and non-corrosive properties of stainless steel combined with a powder coated finish provide the best exterior shutter hardware option.  It might be more expensive in the short run, but in the long run this stainless steel hardware will be the lowest installed cost option.  Unlike larger iron pieces on your home such as wrought iron railing and window boxes that are easily maintained with a little touch up paint, exterior shutters and their hardware are typically mounted in areas where accessibility is a problem and results in a maintenance issue a few years down the road. After all, the whole idea of choosing a faux wood shutter is to limit or eliminate the maintenance while at the same time choosing an exterior shutter that can last the life of your home! 

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