Scribble Hanging Planter

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Product: Scribble Hanging Planter
Retailer: Branch Home
Designer: Lisa Jones
Color: White

design: Lisa Jones, 2010

manufacture: Handmade by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, Portland, OR

materials: Clay, earth-friendly lead-free glaze, leather cord. All Pigeon Toe Ceramics pieces are fired in a kiln that’s powered by renewable energy.

dimensions: 6″ diameter x 5″ tall; hangs from three 12″ long leather straps

Hang a small plant virtually anywhere with this attractive handmade planter. The “scribble” in the name refers to the impressions that encircle the matte-finished exterior of this piece.

This planter is designed to hold plants in containers that allow for drainage. (In other words, there’s no hole in the bottom of the planter.)

Like all Pigeon Toe Ceramics pieces, it’s made from natural porcelain and fired in a kiln powered by renewable energy.

care: Hand wash in warm soapy water. While the interior of this piece is glazed, making it watertight, prolonged soaking of unglazed exterior is not recommended.

please note: Each of these items is handcrafted, one by one. As such, there may be some slight variation in color, texture, and finish.

availability: This item is currently in stock.