Red Russian

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Product: Red Russian
Color: Green

Also known as Ragged Jack. Introduced into Canada by Russian traders. This is a very old variety which has been known in Europe for centuries. The wavy blue green leaves have veins which turn deep purple red in cold weather. In severe cold the leaves turn purple red. The leaves are very tender, with excellent flavor.

Kale and Collards are probably the earliest cultivated variations of the European wild cabbage. Kale is known to have been widely grown by both the Greeks and the Romans. From a scientific classification point of view, kale and collards are considered to be the same plant – just two different varieties. Sometimes collards are described as a kind of kale. However, diehard Southerners will tell you that collards are collards and kale is kale and they are very different.

Kale, also known as Borecole, and collards are non-heading, leafy greens that are among the most cold-hardy vegetables grown. Kale is definitely a cool season crop whose sweet flavor is substantially enhanced when the plant is exposed to several hard frosts. Collards, on the other hand, thrive in the heat but can withstand temperatures down to 10 degrees Farenheit.