Pyramid Tents

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Product: Pyramid Tents
Retailer: Tentsmiths

Pyramid (also called Miner’s) tents have become very popular in the last few years. They have a very thin and short history.

Although the design is a natural for contorting canvas, the first reference we know of was a gentleman in the British Army who made every attempt to get the tent style accepted by the quartermaster division. His idea was to have the corners held down with bayonets and the pole to be a Brown Bess musket. Needless to say it was another seventy five years before we actually find the design in use.

Parkman mentions the Pyramid tent in his journal of 1846 while on the Oregon Trail. As cameras came into use, the tent is recorded in photographs of cattle drives and with exterior poles next to early motor vehicles at picnic/ camping trips.

We build our Pyramid Tents with reinforcement sewn webbing from each corner to the peak which acts as a suspension system for the body. This “skeleton” keeps stretch and deformation to a minimum. An overlap door is standard (and historical) with a Tipi style oval door optional.

Prices range from $430.00 to $638.00