Prostrate Rosemary

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Product: Prostrate Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'.

This aromatic herb, among our rosemary herb plants, is an essential feature of your herb gardening this season. As a creeping rosemary, it is perfect for pots and containers. Rosemary plants are a sturdy and reliable herb.

They say if there is a rosemary bush in the garden there is a strong woman in the house. 'Prostratus' Rosemary is a ground-cover rosemary, perfect for gardens or containers. Its rich foliage and beautiful blue flowers are wonderful in the kitchen and the bath. This aromatic herb is supposed to be the most fragrant of all the creeping Rosemarys.

Plant this rosemary to hang over a wall for a striking effect. Or, pot it up in one of our decorative pots or containers with Lemon Balm for a deliciously fresh and fragrant combination. Since this is a tender perennial, bring the whole pot in during the winter to enjoy this culinary herb year round!

  • Zones: Tender Perennial in zones 8-10
  • Size: 3'H 7'S
  • Light: Full to partial sun
  • Bloom: Pale blue, blooms in early through mid Summer