Natural Soil Fertilizer Concentrate

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Product: Natural Soil Fertilizer Concentrate
Retailer: Food52

Skip the chemicals, and use something natural and organic instead. Take a cue from farmers, they’re the experts on planting, and they’ve used natural manure to enrich their soil for centuries. Your house plants, container plants, vegetable garden, shrubs, and lawns will thrive when you condition the soil with this natural brew tea. The soil conditioner tea comes in an environmentally-friendly tea bag — you brew the tea, water your plants with it, and then watch the results! Choose from a 3 pack of assorted teas (horse, cow, and alfalfa), a 9 pack of horse tea (made from horse manure), or a 9 pack of cow tea (made from cow manure).

Alfalfa tea is for roses only. Cow and Horse teas can be used on all plants.

  • Made in: California
  • Size: Each bag brews 5 gallons of fertilizer “tea” and dilutes to 15 gallons when watering.