Live Euphorbia Trigonia Starter Plants

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Product: Live Euphorbia Trigonia Starter Plants

Live Euphorbia Trigonia Starter Plants Cuttings African Milk Plant Tree Succulent Easy to Grow Cactus

Live “African Milk Tree/Plant” Euphorbia Trigonia Plants / Cuttings!

The easiest way to grow & ship these is live cuttings from a mature plant. Just stick them in dry soil and they will root in a couple weeks.

average 10-12 inches I’ll make them as big as possible

The trick with these is well-draining pots & soil- do not over-water! I water once a week and sometimes less. I take outside in summer, they like full sun and heat- then inside in winter- keep temps above freezing. 

I take the cuttings fresh as ordered, just stick in the dirt when you get them. I will ship anytime but hold when temps are below freezing. Thanks!