Kalanchoe Luciae

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Product: Kalanchoe Luciae
Retailer: Bkyard Paradise

Medium sized rooted cutting the Lovely Coral colored Kalanchoe Luciae is commonly known as a Flippin Flapjacks

Medium sized rooted cutting the coral colored Kalanchoe Luciae is most commonly known as the “Flippin Flapjacks” plant. This is due to the large paddle shaped leaves. This beautiful Coral colored plant is a member of the Crassulaceae family and is drought tolerant. It doeswell in a partial shade setting and as the temperature drops you will see the leaves turn a deep reddish shade. The leaves can grow up to 5″ or more in width with proper care. Do not over water! Keep the soil lightly moist for best results.The plant height can go as tall as 12″. The first image you will see is the “Mama” plant. This should let you know how large they can grow with proper care. Comes with care instructions.