Jaques Playmate Croquet Set

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Product: Jaques Playmate Croquet Set
Retailer: Jaques London
Color: Light Wood

Jaques Playmate Croquet Set is the perfect purchase for the younger player to develop their croquet skills and play croquet as it was intended. Ideal for the smaller backyard.

Playing the game of Croquet is so much more fun when using the beautiful and substantial specialized equipment from Jaques of London. It can be as challenging and enjoyable sport as any other. Croquet combines the need for tactical ability, judgment and skill in equal measure successfully, due to the non-physical nature of the game and a unique handicapping and Croquet rules system. Because of this the game can be enjoyed at any level by male and female players of any age and ability on equal footing.

When John Jaques introduced Croquet at the Great Exhibition in 1851 it quickly became the vogue throughout the British Empire. Thus putting Jaques at the forefront of the spread of croquet as a sport. In 1864 John Jaques II, wrote and published Croquet; the Laws and Regulations of the Game. He was regarded as the greatest authority on the game at the time. And today, (with some revision) the game of croquet is still played by those rules.

This is our Junior croquet set. The mallets (at 28 in long) can easily be used by all members of the family, and is therefore an excellent smaller size junior starter set. The mallets are made from hardwood and are polished for protection, plus giving it a luster of an excellent quality set. Comes with 4 smaller 1st color Jaques croquet balls which are smooth and well balanced, a set of junior-size steel hoops, a four color wooden winning post, and comprehensive rules, making this the ideal croquet set for the younger player. Presented in a lovely, fine quality, canvas outdoor carrier with zipper, 29 x 7 1/2 x 4″, marked with the famous Jaques’ logo.