Haws Traditional Watering Can

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Product: Haws Traditional Watering Can
Color: Green, Red
brand: Haws
Retailer: Williams-Sonoma

Haws watering cans have been a fixture in English gardens since 1886, the year that Londoner John Haws patented his unique design for a “watering pot” with perfect balance. This is the Haws Traditional watering can, featuring a lightweight, easy-to-handle size. Two handgrips allow for easier handling and improved maneuverability when you’re watering.

  • Made from heavy-gauge steel using handcrafting techniques. 
  • Hot-dip galvanized for rust resistance and strength.
  • Powder-coated for a smooth, durable finish.
  • Light weight makes it easy to carry and tip for pouring.
  • Domed lid prevents water from spilling as you walk around the garden.
  • Includes a removable all-brass round watering rose. Leave the rose on for a gentle sprinkle, or remove it for a steady stream.
  • 19″ x 11″ x 9″ high.
  • 1.1-gal. cap.
  • 1 lb., 3 oz.
  • Made in England by Haws, producers of fine watering cans since 1886.
  • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.