Garrett Wade’s Professional Pruning Saws

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Product: Garrett Wade’s Professional Pruning Saws
Retailer: Garrett Wade

These professional-grade tools, made in the USA, have been used by road crews and arborists for over two generations. The Large Pruner has a 22-1/2″ 6tpi blade, curved for full power throughout the stroke, and deep gullets for rapid chip clearance. It will really do the job fast. The two smaller saws have special tri-grind Japanese-style teeth. They have 14-1/2″ (closed handle) and 12-1/2″ (straight handle) long blades respectively. Both have great balance, and the latter is particularly light in weight.

The harness-leather scabbards (made by an Ohio company that makes tack for the Amish) are very heavy duty. Each has a snap ring on one side and a clip on the other. We recommend these scabbards highly for reasons of utility and safety and have priced the package at a savings for this reason. Made in the United States.

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