Garden Craftsmanship in Yew and Box

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Product: Garden Craftsmanship in Yew and Box
Retailer: Amazon
Designer: Nathaniel Lloyd

The planting and cultivation of yew and box has long been an important element in garden design. This popular reprint of Nathaniel Lloyd’s classic work now benefits from the addition of some 48 colour plates and a stimulating introduction by the author’s son Christopher. The first half of the book contains the text in which the author explains in plain, straightforward language precisely how to go about establishing a formal garden in yew or box. Brimming with common sense, advice and invaluable tips, it is a delight to read. Unlike so many other books on garden topics, the author does not merely explain what to do and then abandon the reader to get on with it. Here he goes on to explain, or discuss, in a continuous way, what progress he has made in his own gardening efforts over a period of years and what results we should reasonably expect from our own endeavours. The second half of this very practical book is devoted entirely to the author’s own superb black and white photographs which provide pictorial examples and evidence of just what can be achieved. Now enhanced with additional colour plates, this book will prove invaluable to anyone contemplating formal garden design but will also attract the reader with only a casual or occasional interest in the subject.