Dicentra spectabilis Gold Heart

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Product: Dicentra spectabilis Gold Heart
Color: Pink

The old-fashioned Bleeding Heart has been a garden favorite for years. It's a substantial plant that bears long, arching racemes of pink flowers. 'Gold Heart' is a classic beauty with one marvelous variation: It has metallic gold leaves and peach-colored stems instead of the usual green. Bloom starts here in early May and lasts several weeks, subsiding with the arrival of summer heat. Plants often go dormant in midsummer (interplant with Ferns and Hostas to fill the breach). Long-lived, reliable, and will self sow.

About 15 species make up Dicentra, a genus of perennials native to Asia and North America. The common name derives from the unusual heart shape of the flowers. All prefer evenly moist soil and little or no direct sun. They're a boon to gardeners with shade.

  • Common Name: Bleeding Heart
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8 S / 3-9 W
  • Height: 30″+
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Exposure: Part Shade
  • Blooms In: May-June
  • Spacing: 24-30″
  • Ships as: 3″ Plastic Pot – 25.8 cu. in.