Cardboard Suitcases

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Product: Cardboard Suitcases
Color: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red
Retailer: Manufactum

Suitcases of Cardboard with Wood Strips

Material as described above. Width 40 cm x height 24 cm x depth 13 cm. Weight 870 g.

Made of cardboard – a lot of suitcase for your money.

Cardboard is drastically underestimated. It has a wide variety of practical uses, perhaps the most famous being the legendary East German Trabant car, where it was used as the chassis! We offer it in one of its more classic manifestations, namely the suitcase. If you’d like to show that you’re a down-to-earth, businesslike person rather than a luggage snob, then this is the case for you! Our cases have been made for 80 years now in the Czech Republic, are sturdy as anything and impress not only with the simple beauty of their material, but also with their finish. The side-pieces are studded, the corners and edges metal-reinforced, wooden strips are fixed on the outside to give stability, and the larger cases have solid wooden frames on the inside. Locks and handles are of steel, inner lining of paper.