American Hornbeam

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Product: American Hornbeam
Retailer: Cold Stream Farm

Latin: Carpinus caroliniana

Other common names: hornbeam, blue beech, ironwood, water beech

Mature Height: 40 ft.

Soil / Climate: likes moist, rich soils, full sun to shade, prune tolerant, slow growth rate.It has a shallow, wide spreading root system.

Notes: Fruit of the Hornbeam is a cluster of nuts hanging from a leafy branch. Landscape Uses would be anything from a shade tree to hedge to attract deer and birds for nut comsumption.

Wildlife: The Hornbeam seeds, twigs and buds are a valued food source for deer, turkeys, ducks and squirrels. The tree grows well beneath other larger trees and produces good shelter for a number of animals and serves as a host tree for birds’ nests.