ISSUE 19  |  Master Mix

Stylish Planters from Copenhagen, by Way of Tuscany

May 12, 2016 4:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Victor Berg started out as a florist in the Norrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen in 1942; he was successful enough to add two additional locations and to start a flowerpot import business, sourcing his wares from Tuscany. Now known as Bergs Potter, the business continues, with several of his family members running the show. Terrain is now carrying the full range of their pots in the US.


Above: The Helena scallop-edged line of pots was inspired by the work of Italian potter Roberto Rosso, who worked in the 1800s in Bologna. The range shown above is available from Artilleriet; prices start at 89 Kroners for the smallest Helena Pot.


Above: The pots have drainage holes and come with matching saucers.


Above: The Copenhagen pattern is based on a pot found in a disused nursery in Tuscany.


Above: A selection of pots on display at Bergs.