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Studio Visit: At Home with Flores Cosmos in Mexico City

December 02, 2015 2:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Today online magazine Freunde von Freunde publishes an exclusive interview (and studio visit) with Mexico City florists Alberto Arango and Ramiro Guerrero of Flores Cosmos. The two live in a house next door to their workshop, in a 1950s neighborhood where they keep the city’s noise and pollution at bay with greenery:

Photography by Pia Riverola.

Above: When they decided to become florists eight years ago, “Alberto Arango and Ramiro Guerrero knew nothing about flowers, except that they adored them,” writes Shoko Wanger in Freunde von Freunden.

Today, the couple own and operate Flores Cosmos from a work studio next door to their house.

Above: Potted succulents and tropical plants are clustered on the patio.

Above: “Avenida Revolucion, where we live, is one of the noisiest and ugliest streets in the city,” says Alberto. “But we have a silent, green environment as soon as we close the door.”

Above: A tiled fountain in the corner of a courtyard is bedecked with potted plants.

Above: For more of the story, see Florists House, Mexico City on Freunde von Freunden.

Above: A bouquet underway.

Above: Dogproof. For the rest of the interview, see Freunde von Freunden.