Space-Saving Stepladder Plant Stands by

Issue 71 · Kitchen Gardens · May 6, 2013

Space-Saving Stepladder Plant Stands

Issue 71 · Kitchen Gardens · May 6, 2013

Why should you be deprived of having a garden just because you don't have a garden? For apartment dwellers who live on top of their neighbors, a clever idea is to suggest that houseplants do the same. We spotted these clever stepladder plant stands from Kekkila via Miss Moss:

kekkila tiered plant stand bergroth design

Above: Designed by Klaus Aalto and Linda Bergroth (who also designed The Glass Garden Shed Nice Enough To Live In), a new line of beechwood and lacquered metal plant stands and pot holders are available this spring through Swedish garden supplier Hasselfors Gardens.

kekkila tiered plant stand

Above: A foldable Green Steps is made from beech wood and has white lacquered metal shelves and is stable even with many plants on the shelves.  The shelves have a lip to prevent water from dripping.  Designed specially for use indoors, on balconies, or for roof gardens; for more information go to Hasselfors Garden.

For another tiered plant stand, see New From Ikea: A Stepladder Shelf for Plants.

kekkila wall mounted plant stand

Above: A set of three Green Wall pot holders made of white aluminum come with brackets for mounting.  For more information and pricing, see Hasselfors Garden.

kekkila plant stand with staghorn fern

Above: Brackets  protect the walls from splashing and a lower tray collects excess water. 

For more of our favorite Kekkila products, see A Green Vitrine for Your Balcony.

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