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Palette & Paints: Fine Paints of Europe Dutch Door Kit

March 27, 2009 9:18 PM

BY Julie Carlson

We’ve posted about Fine Paints of Europe before (see Palette & Paints: Fine Paints of Europe), thanks to our friend Philip Reno at G & R Paints, who clued us in to the line. Based in Woodstock, Vermont, Fine Paints is the exclusive North American importer of paints and varnishes manufactured in the Netherlands, which feature a high content of premium pigments and resins. We recently noticed that the company is offering a Dutch Door Kit for $100 (a $128 value), which “includes everything you need to properly prepare, prime, and paint one door, inside and out.” The Dutch Door Kit includes:

  • Detailed instructions on how to complete the project
  • Sandpaper (two sheets of medium grit and fine grit)
  • Primer (one Euroquart of the correct primer for wooden, steel, or fiberglass door)
  • Solvent (one liter of FPE Mineral Spirits, which allows you to thin primer and paint if necessary and clean your brush)
  • Paint (one Euroquart of brilliant or satin Hollandlac enamel in any of 32 colors on the Classic European Color Chart)
  • Brush (an Omega S57 2.5-inch flat brush, for perfect application of primer and paint)

Above: Photos from Flickr.