ISSUE 17  |  The Artful Life

High/Low: Test Tube Vase

April 23, 2012 9:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Whenever I fill a test tube with flowers, the incongruity charms me. Here are two options to achieve the laboratory look:

Above: For years, my favorite vase has been my Vase D’Avril by Tse-Tse. It’s $245 from Horne. Image by Nanami, via Flickr.

Above: The Vase d’Avril consists of a series of interlocking glass test tubes you can bend into a variety of shapes—a sinuous “S” down the center of a table, or a circle, or a straight line on a windowsill. Image via Nanami on Flickr.

Above: A much less costly alternative: the Laboratory Flower Vases feature five curved beakers and a distressed wooden rack; $24 at Urban Outfitters. Image via the SoHo.

Above: For long counters, we can see a couple of Urban Outfitter’s Laboratory Flower Vases lined up in a row.