ISSUE 27  |  Scandi Summerhouse

Clever Canvas Tool Storage Roundup

July 02, 2012 3:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

As a gardener, you by definition have good values: You thrive on hard work, cheerfully undertake mucky chores, and believe there is a simple grace to the calluses you have developed on the inner shafts of your thumbs. And yet it would make you feel self-indulgent to carry your tools in anything more attractive than a beat up plastic bucket? Fight that impulse:

Above: The canvas Eena Garden Tote with a moisture-resistant vinyl bottom has four outside pockets for tools and is $60 from Canoe.

Above: The five-pocket Green Thumb Garden Apron, made from hemp and organic cotton, is $40 from Terrain.

Above: The waxed cotton canvas Mopha Tool Roll has leather trim and ten small pockets. It is $44 from Canoe.