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A Masterful Pumpkin Carving Set

October 23, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Erin Boyle

A good chef’s knife is very good thing to have in a kitchen. But when it’s time to try your hand at the fine art of pumpkin carving, the tools required need to be a bit more nimble. I’ve yet to invest in a proper carving set myself (see my Milky Way Pumpkin for my workaround), but I have my eyes set on this New York-made set from Kaufmann Mercantile for next year.

Above: Six blade options give a range of options for perfecting finely wrought details. 

Above: The wooden and brass knife comes with a wrench for loosening the lockjaw and swapping out carbon blades. The Pumpkin Carving Set is available seasonally from Kaufmann Mercantile for $21.95; currently sold out. In the meantime, the Pro Pumpkin Kit is available for $22.99 from Warren Cutlery.

Above: If you’re in the market for a simpler knife this year, consider a Carbon Steel Carving Knife.  Although it doesn’t have the interchangeable blades of the pumpkin carving set, this knifes has a detail-ready blade and sturdy handle perfect for carving; $22.95 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Haven’t chosen a pumpkin to carve yet? Consider one of our 10 Favorite Pumpkins. Wary of knives? Try drilling your pumpkin (seriously) instead.