10 Easy Pieces: Gardening Hats by

Issue 70 · Spring Fling · April 30, 2013

10 Easy Pieces: Gardening Hats

Issue 70 · Spring Fling · April 30, 2013

Summer hats in my house when I was growing up weren't so much fashion accessories as they were obligations. I can't say that I always wore my wide-brimmed panama without complaint, but I have my mom to thank for teaching me to protect my skin. Here's a roundup of summer sun hats:


bean's straw sun hat, gardenista

Bean's Straw Sun Hat has a perky upturned brim and a leather cord  for keeping it secure on windy days, or allowing it to hang around your neck as you move into the shade. It's $44.95 from L.L. Bean.

summer straw hat, gardenista

The Summer Straw Hat most closely resembles the hats my sisters and I wore as kids. It's discreet and classic and a wide brim offers solid sun protection; it's $34.50 at J. Crew.

braided hat, gardenista

For gardeners hoping to stand out from the crowd, this Braided Beach Hat might do the trick; $255 from Rag & Bone.


columbia packable sonoma hat, gardenista

The Columbia Packable Sonoma Hat is foldable for easy travel; $30 at REI. 

somerset hat, gardenista

For a slightly more refined look, you might choose the Somerset Hat, $58 at Terrain.

wide brim panama hat, gardenista

If I were in the market for a new hat, I'd choose the Wide Brim Panama Hat; £39.00 from Toast.

  biltmore panama hat, gardenista

The Biltmore for Madewell Panama Hat looks like it would be lightweight and cool for hot afternoons, $43.50 at Madewell.


braided wide hat with SPF 50 sun protection, gardenista

This Braided Wide Hat has a sun protection rating of SPF 50; $19.99 from Gardeners Edge.

sunday afternoons riviera hat, gardenista

The Sunday Afternoons Riviera Hat is $32 from REI.

  variance floppy hat, gardenista

If you're hoping to add just a touch of drama to your gardening, the Variance Floppy Hat might be your pick. It's $38 from Anthropologie.

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