As a gardener, you have joined the fight against climate change. Your garden is contributing oxygen to the atmosphere and providing sanctuary for birds, wildlife, and pollinators. Here are 10 tips for maximizing your garden's potential.

Photo by Mia Kim

1. Plant Natives

Native plants often are perfectly suited to their environment, making upkeep less wasteful. 

Photo by Mia Kim

2. Pamper Pollinators

Photo by Marie Viljoen

3. Rip Up the Lawn

Photo by Mimi Giboin

Turf grass is a water hog. Wild grasses and plants require less resources, and attract wildlife.

4. Feed the Birds

Photo by Christin Geall

5. Ease Up on the Gas

Switch from gas-powered tools to hand (or foot) power.

Photo courtesy of Manufactum

6. Go Chemical-Free

Photo by Mimi Giboin

Chemicals in fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides seep into the ground and harm wildlife.

7. Use Smart Irrigation Systems

Photo courtesy of Rachio

Smart irrigation systems help you save water.

8. Collect Rainwater

Photo by Matthew Williams

Collecting rainwater is an easy way to cut down on water waste.

9. Compost Wisely

Photo by Daniel Dent

10. Have a Houseplant

Photo by Mimi Giboin