Weeds, long regarded as a nuisance to be banished from gardens, are increasingly recognized by foragers as useful--even desirable! Here, resident foraging expert Marie Viljoen lists 9 weeds that we should be eating, rather than spraying into submission.

1. Dandelions

The multi-use dandelion can be eaten raw, tempura'd, or sautéed.

2. Purple Dead Nettle

Purple dead nettle is heartily substantial when cooked and spiked with lemon juice, soy, sesame oil or chiles.

3. Japanese Knotweed

Young japanese knotweed shoots can be picked in early spring, and are similar to French sorrel in flavor.

4. Field Garlic

Use field garlic as you would chives, garlic, and shallots.

5. Pokeweed

Pick the tender shoots in Springtime and boil or fry.

6. Lambs Quarters

Cook lambs quarters as you would chard or spinach.

7. Garden Amaranth

Garden amaranth can be cooked similarly to lambs quarters.

8. Purslane

Succulent and tart, purslane is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Eat it raw, or purée it for a green gazpacho.

9. Quickweed

Quickweed is versatile: use it in cooked pesto, sautéed with olive oil or lemon, or cook like spinach.