Yew – The Collector’s Series of Tree Books

Yew – The Collector’s Series of Tree Books

Retailer: Sage Press Designer: Cindy Stevens & Chris Monk
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The untamable and tangled Yew grows twisted and thick across Europe and Asia. Its trunk is a twisted cluster of shoots, blown and billowed into distorted shapes by wild winds.

But don’t judge this ancient tree too harshly. Its dense foliage has been used for many years and in many circumstances as a shelter against gales. The 4000 year old tree is tolerant, steadfast and dependable –even at shielding churches and farm houses from the elements.

Unearth the tree’s importance in religion, legend and literacy, not least with its involvement in the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and William Shakespeare. T. baccata has featured in Greek, Celtic and Druid mythology, with strong symbolism to life and death.

Discover how the Yew can be tamed for hedging and is considered by some gardeners to be the best plant for topiary, with its solid form and ease of maintaining.

Read of the many creations that have been made from the Yew, from longbows and spears to its use in Viking ships.

Learn cultivation advice –and just which parts of the Yew are poisonous? Get lost in Yew hedge mazes. Delve into Sage Press’ quirky and ornate pocket book, Yew.

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£3.99 GBP at time of publication Buy from Sage Press
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