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Shopper’s Diary: Heavenly Scents and Forever Arrangements at The Quiet Botanist in Hudson, NY


Shopper’s Diary: Heavenly Scents and Forever Arrangements at The Quiet Botanist in Hudson, NY

November 17, 2023

Taking a moment amongst the flowers is something that Rebecca O’Donnell mentions often when talking about the inspiration and mood of her transportive store, The Quiet Botanist in Hudson, New York. Before she and her family relocated from the city, looking for a slower-paced life, the Australian creative director’s days were a whirl of work and travel. “At the time I was struggling with Lyme disease and I needed to slow down,” she says. “The idea was to create a space where I could heal, surrounded by what I love. It was developed out of a desire to slow down and listen.”

Tucked away down an alley, her exquisite store is a hidden treasure box with wooden panelling, stained glass windows, plasterwork ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling flowers. “Others were not so convinced,” she says of the off-the-beaten-track location. “But I loved the fact that it was a store to be discovered and experienced. A hidden gem of sorts where the scent of the flowers lures you in from the street.”

Photography courtesy of The Quiet Botanist.

Above: The beautiful entrance to the store.

The scent of those blooms wafts out the door and down the street, too; interior walls are covered with bunches of everlasting wildflowers, foliage, and ethereal dried wreaths ($220) that will last for three years or more. Tables are bordered with mini dried flower bouquets or sage bundles that combine foliage and flowers with a sage smudge stick ($30).

The Green Wild Wreath is \$\2\20.
Above: The Green Wild Wreath is $220.

Rebecca describes herself as a constant gardener but also works closely with local growers in Stuyvesant, including Farmstead and Damsel Garden, who supply almost all the flowers except for some specimens, like banksia, that will not grow locally. Going forward, she plans to return to growing organic crops herself, at her farm nearby along the Hudson River.

Above: Rebecca creates bespoke arrangements presented in handmade vessels such as this Signe Vase made by Brooklyn-based ceramicist, Sarah Donato; $320.

If there’s a signature product, it’s the Botanist chocolate bars. Each one is pressed on one side and scattered with dried edible flowers on the reverse. Rebecca, a longtime collector of vintage butter molds, illustrated and designed the bar herself. “The goal was that every element of the bar created a beautiful experience. From the botanical on the cover to the moody gold sleeve, and then the actual chocolate, which is sprinkled with petals. I love the idea that everyone feels that they have won the golden ticket and that it’s surrounded in flowers.”

Above: The Nature Lover botanical bar ($16.95) is a milk chocolate bar with hazelnut praline, dates, and bee pollen.

Alongside highly giftable chocolate and flowers, there are gardening essentials to browse: beautiful Niwaki tools, accessories, and pots, including striking terra-cotta Bloomist planters (from $38) that are handmade in Honduras  and coated in a matte charcoal finish.

A cloud of \25 to 30 stems of baby&#8\2\17;s breath is \$\28.
Above: A cloud of 25 to 30 stems of baby’s breath is $28.
Above: Mini bouquets and beautiful bunches lined up in the store.

The floral theme extends to apothecary and home products, too, which are all natural and some organic, such as Corpus Naturals’ vegan cleansing bars ($22). There are soy wax candles and Hibi incense matches ($14) in eight fragrances, including mimosa, yuzu, and oak moss. Customers are encouraged to take their time and browse a library of gardening books. “I love the concept of slow retail,” adds Rebecca. “People taking the time to smell the flowers, sample the chocolate, and flip through the library of books. The concept is that it is a sensorial and almost nurturing experience.”

Above: The atmospheric interior makes visitors feel at home.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Quiet Botanist in Hudson, New York?

The Quiet Botanist is a beautiful plant shop and floral design studio located in the town of Hudson, New York.

What can I find at the Quiet Botanist?

At the Quiet Botanist, you can find a variety of indoor plants and unique botanical products. They also offer floral design services and workshops.

Where is the Quiet Botanist located?

The Quiet Botanist is located in Hudson, New York. The exact address is 12 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534.

What are the store hours of the Quiet Botanist?

The store hours of the Quiet Botanist are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. On weekends, they are open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Do they offer delivery services?

Yes, the Quiet Botanist offers local delivery services within a specific radius of their location in Hudson, New York.

Can I purchase their products online?

Yes, you can purchase a selection of their plants and botanical products through their online store on their website.

Do they provide floral design services?

Yes, the Quiet Botanist provides custom floral design services for events, weddings, and other occasions. You can contact them directly for more information.

Do they offer workshops or classes?

Yes, the Quiet Botanist regularly hosts workshops and classes related to plants, floral arrangements, and botanical design. Check their website or contact them for the schedule.

Can I bring my own pot or container to repot a plant?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own pot or container to repot a plant. The Quiet Botanist team can assist you with the process and provide guidance.

Are there parking facilities available?

There is street parking available near the Quiet Botanist in Hudson, New York. However, availability may vary, so it's recommended to check for parking options in the area.

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