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10 Easy Pieces: Glass Teapots


10 Easy Pieces: Glass Teapots

March 1, 2018

The beauty of steeping tea in a glass pot is manifold: You’ll always know how strong your tea is, you can see how much you have left, and—as illustrated in today’s story on Tisanes—you’ll get to watch as mint, orange peel, lavender, or pansies transform plain water into a colorful, delicate brew. Here are 10 modern, design-forward glass teapots.

Above: A 27-ounce Glass Teapot with Iron Filter is made in Germany of heat-resistant glass by 30-year-old French company Palais des Thés. It’s $65 at Food52.
Above: For today’s story on Easy Teas You Can Grow, Michelle used the Betty Glass Teapot from CB2. It’s handmade in China of thin, borosilicate glass and has a removable glass infuser and lid; $19.95.
Above: This Transparent Teapot is made in Germany and holds a generous 60 fluid ounces. It’s also dishwasher- and microwave-safe; €69 from Merci in Paris. It’s also available in the US at MoMA Design Store for $50.
Above: Designed by Italian Marco Sironi for German company Ichendorf, the Piuma Small Teapot is made in China of borosilicate glass. Says the retailer, “Many people associate this material with Pyrex, but in the hands of Ichendorf master glaziers, it’s transformed into very thin, lightweight pieces that are also supremely strong and resistant to temperature changes.” It’s a steal (for Design Within Reach) at $35.
Above: Only available in Europe, the Heatproof Glass Tea Pot from Muji has a removable tea strainer and holds one liter of water; £19.95.
Above: This 60-ounce Glass Teapot & Kettle is safe for heating on either a gas or induction stovetop, so doubles as both a water kettle and teapot. It has a bamboo lid and a stainless steel coil filter at the spout; $26.50 from Tealyra.
Above: A Contemporary Glass Teapot is made from 20 percent recycled glass that’s guaranteed lead-free. It has a removable glass strainer and holds 17 fluid ounces; $19.25 at Mountain Rose Herbs.
Above: Designed by Danish Norm Architects for Menu, a Glass Kettle Teapot has a stainless steel “tea egg” that holds steeping tea leaves in the center of the pot, removable by raising its silicone handle. Available in two sizes, starting at $59.95 for a 25-ounce teapot.
Above: The Emma Teapot by Italian designer Corrado Dotti for Ichendorf is double-walled, with a rectangular tea vessel inside a shell of rounded glass. When filled, “liquid appears to float in the air.” It’s $46 from Wallpaper Store.
Above: The Unitea One Touch Teapot from Japanese company Kinto has a metal strainer with a silicone seal built into the lid. It’s dishwasher-safe and holds 16 fluid ounces; $28 from Need Supply Co.
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