Triteleia laxa ‘Corrina’

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Product: Triteleia laxa ‘Corrina’

Corrina – violet flowers with violet-purple tips; early summer.
Native to our own west coast, the leaves of this plant often disappear before the flowers bloom. With striking, dark blue to violet, upfacing starry umbels blooming on leafless 20″-24″ stalks, this is the ‘queen’ of the early summer cut flowers. It’s best to plant this hardy perennial in full sun or partial shade with lots of companions around its feet. 6-7 cm corms; 8-10 per sq. ft.; zones 5-9.

  • Product Code:     97-02
  • Genus:     Triteleia
  • Cultivar:     laxa Corrina
  • Family:     Liliaceae
  • Nickname:     Triplet Lily
  • Bulbs Per Sq Foot:     8 to 10
  • Color:     Purple
  • Height:     12″ To 24″
  • Origin:     United States
  • Flowering Time:     Early Summer
  • Sun vs Shade:     Full Sun, Part Shade
  • Soil Moisture:     Average
  • Zones:     5, 6, 7, 8, 9