Tiny Gardens 3 Pack Edition

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Product: Tiny Gardens 3 Pack Edition

Imagine having your own herb garden on your window sill all year round! tiny gardens 3 Pack Edition by Sprout are beautifully designed paperboxes with seeds to grow delicious microgreens.

Facts about tiny gardens 3 Pack Edition:

  • The tiny garden by Sprout box is made from paper that comes from sustainably havested woods
  • The design is cool and decorating
  • The box contains a 100% biodegradable hemp mat instead of soil. The hemp mat makes germination fast and gives no taste or texture to the sprouts.
  • Just water the hemp mat and spread the seeds over the mat. Place on a sunny spot and water regularily. Within 5-10 days your microgreens are ready to eat.
  • The packaging of the tiny gardens are done by people with special needs.
  • Microgreens contain lots of vitamins and have a delicious taste
  • This box contains five variants: basil, broccoli, sunflower, radish and cress.