Tiffin Lunch Box Set

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Product: Tiffin Lunch Box Set
Color: Silver

The term “tiffin” is used in parts of Britain and India to mean a light meal or snack. In some areas, the word specifically refers to lunches brought to work or school. A common approach in India is to put rice in one tiffin box, dal in another, breads or naan in a third and so on. A smart solution for storing and carrying different food types, both dry and wet, the Tiffin Lunch Box Set is a convenient tool you’ll turn to again and again. The set includes three stacks of stainless steel containers that lock together for easy carrying. The large stack has three plates and four containers; the medium stack has two plates and three containers; and the small stack has one plate and two containers. Made in India.

H 4-7.5″ Diameter 5.5-6.5″