The Pallina Glove

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Product: The Pallina Glove
Color: Green
Retailer: Pallina
brand: Pallina

Women’s garden gloves at their best! When we tested these gloves, we loved the soft goatskin leather, reinforced palms and the great fit. It isn’t often that something this tough is so comfortable to wear! Four styles: Short Slim fit, Long Slim fit, Long Slim fit and Long Standard fit.

  • Soft, washable goatskin leather
  • Sturdy boar-hide gauntlet
  • Hidden Velcro wrist closures that keep dirt from sneaking in
  • Kevlar thread stitching lasts 5 times longer than regular thread
  • Double-reinforced padded palms
  • Handy carabiner
  • truly a women’s fit in 5 sizes