Sweet Fern, Comptonia peregrina

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Product: Sweet Fern, Comptonia peregrina
Retailer: Prairie Nursery

Not a true fern, this low growing shrub does best in sandy soils, from well-drained dry sites to the edges of marshes. Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina) grows in Full sun to light shade, producing fern-like leaves that have a pleasant fragrance when crushed, hence the name. Often forms large colonies, so give this plant some room. Hardy to Zones 2 – 6.

  • Sun:    Full,Partial
  • Soil:    Sand,Loam
  • Moisture:    Dry,Medium,Moist
  • Height:    2′-5′
  • Bloom Time:    Apr-Jun
  • Color:    yellow,golden-brown
  • Root:    Woody
  • Zone:    3
  • Spacing:    3′-5′