Stan Bitters Thumb Pot Bowl

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Product: Stan Bitters Thumb Pot Bowl
Color: Black, White
Retailer: Modernica

Stan Bitters’s Thumb Pots are striking and functional design for indoor and outdoor use. Made of stoneware ceramic, these rough-hewn planters are earthy and textural. Each pot bears the mark of Bitters’s hands with a unique thumb print pattern pressed into the sides of the pot. Produced in his studio in Fresno, California, each piece is signed by Bitters. When you purchase a Thumb Pot you are purchasing a piece of art from a living master of California ceramic history.

The planters are available in two shapes and two finishes and are exclusively offered by Modernica. Each pot comes with a drainage hole.

Stan Bitters’s ceramics have been a continuous staple of the organic modernist movement since its origins in the 1960s. As a pioneer of the organic modernist craft movement in the 1960s, Bitters has been producing rough-hewn ceramic birdhouses, planters, pedestals, mural tiles, totems, boulder walls, and fountains for more than half a century. He has mesmerized architects, landscapers, and collectors from the start but was recently discovered by a hip new audience. His work has been featured in the prestigious California Design series and at the Craft and Folk Art Museum as part of Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945 – 1980.