Spring / Community Supported Herbalism Share

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Product: Spring / Community Supported Herbalism Share

Spring // Liver & Gallbladder // Green // Wood // Tendons

Each season we prepare a variety of remedies to help support you through the transition from one season to another with health and wellness. We’ve put together a plant palette of some our favorite allies to help you in this change from Winter to Spring: nettles, cottonwood buds, dandelion leaves, milk thistle seeds, white peony and wild rose petals. We want to support your body to create an ecosystem of strength, vitality and growth! Our Seasonal CSH Shares are a great introduction in herbal medicine and natural healing. They are perfect for those wanting to integrate natural remedies into their life but who are a bit overwhelmed by all the choices.

Our Shares come with a booklet which explains how Traditional Chinese Medicine interprets the upcoming season and some easy tips to integrate into your daily life to ease through this transition with vibrant health.

Spring is a time where energy starts to move again. Sap starts to rise in the trees, seeds burst through the earth and buds line the trees. It is a time to come out of the restive nature of winter and begin to move outward again. We will focus on supporting the Liver & Gallbladder in their work of spring cleaning readying the body & mind, and preparing you for awakening from Winter. It is the time of year to get your circulation and lymph moving again, to aid your body in ridding itself of any built up toxins it might have accumulated over Winter. As we begin to become more active it is a great time to set intentions and we have kept this in mind while preparing your Share.

The Spring shares will be shipped just before the Spring Equinox. If you are ordering other remedies and would like them sooner than this please order them separately.