Sheila Maid Dryers

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Product: Sheila Maid Dryers
Retailer: Nutscene
brand: Nutscene

The energy saving Sheila Maid® uses the ‘Original Curved Shape’ cast iron rack ends – part of the British household for over 100 years.
Never improved upon ‘The Sheila Maid’ makes economic use of ceiling space and warm air rising to dry clothes ‘in no time at all’.

It’s classic style and purpose puts space to good use in the Kitchen – Utility Room – Storage Room – Tack Room – Garage – Attic – Shop Displays and makes attractive displays of herbs & dried flowers.

The Sheila Maid® ceiling airer dryer is a good old-fashioned idea put to good modern use. It really is, ‘The Eco Way To Dry Each Day’