Rose Penelope

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Product: Rose Penelope
Hybrid Musk Rose ‘Penelope’ is an old favorite from 1924 that simply can’t be improved upon. Huge clusters of oval buds reveal 3in, shell pink to creamy white blossoms with lemon centers. The scented flowers are followed by coral-pink hips in the fall. Plant as a hedge or small climber, letting the canes arch over a fence or wall. Remarkably disease-resistant foliage. Own-root.
Roses offer colors, perfumes, forms, and habits to suit every garden situation. The tenacious efforts of breeders have yielded Roses with the best attributes of different varieties in new forms. Hybrid Teas, lovely as ever, now combine long bloom periods with the vigor to shrug off pests. Shrub Roses bloom for months, rather than weeks, in addition to their ever-appealing hardiness and longevity. A new group is so exceptionally long-blooming and carefree that they are simply called ‘Landscape Roses.’ In short, these are not your grandmother’s, or even your mother’s, finicky Roses. Simply choose according to your circumstances. Roses require six or more hours of direct sun per day and a fertile, reasonably moist soil. For more information on Rose care, click on Growing Guide.
  • Common Name: Hybrid Musk Rose, Shrub Rose
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9 S / 5-9 W
  • Height: 4-6′
  • Fragrance: Yes
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Blooms In: June-Sept
  • Spacing: 4′
  • Ships as: One Gallon Pot