Quikrete Concrete Mix

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Product: Quikrete Concrete Mix
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Quikrete

This Quikrete No. 1101 is a regular strength, general purpose concrete mix. It doesn’t contain the coarse aggregate (large gravel) you might expect…it contains sand and tiny pebbles. This 1101 concrete mix also comes in large bags but I don’t know if they also use the same very fine aggregate.

These 10 lb bags are super-convenient when you only need small amounts or don’t want to lift 60-80lb. bags. I’ve found these at Lowes for around $2.50.

This mix is meant for applications thicker than 2 inches, but it has worked well for me for applications as thin as 1/2 inch. But for less than 2 inches, Quikrete recommends their No. 1103 ‘Sand/Topping Mix’ which contains cement and sand but no gravel. For very thin and smooth topping applications on walls, parging mix works best.

This concrete sets at regular speed, so it gives lots of working time but takes quite a while to harden. In moderate temperatures it will be hard after 2 days, in hot weather, one day. But it will still be weak and will take about one month to reach its final 4000psi strength.

With regular-set concrete such as this, it’s important that it’s not allowed to dry out for at least the first week if possible. Otherwise it won’t reach its full potential strength. Plastic sheets and occasional watering as necessary helps to keep it from drying out during the important curing phase.

  • Quikrete Concrete Mix
  • For Small Projects
  • Bagged
  • 10 LB