Public M8 Eight-Speed City Bike

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Product: Public M8 Eight-Speed City Bike
Color: Blue
Retailer: Public Bikes
brand: Public Bikes

The PUBLIC M8 is an easy-shifting eight-speed bike suitable for all cities, even for the hills of San Francisco. Think of it as an elegant workhorse. The Shimano eight-speed gearing system provides power and speed on flatlands, and takes the sweat out of carrying heavy office materials, your laptop or groceries. Simply stated, it makes city riding easy, and we recommend it to anyone who plans to ride often and in varying road conditions. Our M8 incorporates the step-through frame design that is optimal for city riding when you frequently need to stop and put your feet on the ground — especially suited for those who wear skirts or prefer not to swing a leg over a typical crossbar. In Europe it would not be referred to as a girls bike, as many men also prefer this style for its comfort and practicality. And so do we.