Professional Harvest Knives

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Product: Professional Harvest Knives
Retailer: Garrett Wade

Pro’s tools always give faster and more satisfying results. Even if you don’t grow Broccoli, Celery or Lettuce, their shapes will serve you well. The pointed Lettuce Knife allows for a clean cut with either sharp surface. The round tip of the Broccoli Knife allows for an almost circular cut around a large stalk, thus limiting collateral damage to the stalk itself. Both are 12″ long overall, USA made, high carbon steel tools with wood handles. The leather belt sheath (shown) will hold either tool.

The side edges of the special Celery Knife are designed to reach around a celery stalk and allow quick work during the harvest. But it can be used for a variety of thicker-stemmed plants. Although designed for specialty work, it’s really a phenomenal general purpose tool. Made in the USA with a high carbon steel blade. Overall length 14″.

52A01.09 Lettuce Knife $9.50
52A01.11 Broccoli Knife $9.50
52A01.12 Leather Sheath for Lettuce/Broccoli Knife $9.95
52A01.13 Farmer’s Celery Knife $29.95