Plover Outdoor Shower

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Product: Plover Outdoor Shower
Retailer: Oborain
brand: Oborain

It’s summer at the beach house, and we’ve designed the perfect shower for your vacation. A simple shower for sandy feet and salty hair, or just freshening up after a day on the water. Clear cedar panels and a cedar deck give the Plover a fresh inviting scent, while the Sunbrella shower curtain adds color and privacy.  Left untreated, the cedar will take on the silvery-grey hues of driftwood over time, while retaining its natural strength and rot-resistance.  Or, the cedar may be stained to match the exterior of a house, deck, or cottage. We’ve paired the shower with a simple galvanized fixture by Kohler, or our own copper and brass fixture with a foot spout.  The frame, as always, is welded 304 stainless steel to withstand the corrosive effects of salt air.  Use our hose kit to hook the shower up to hot and cold water taps from the house, or tap in with permanent lines.

Includes the full enclosure and curtain, shower fixture and plumbing fittings for hoses or permanent lines; allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

  • Piccolo
  • Solo
  • Duo

Prices range from $4,900.00 to $7,600.00