Pinched Porcelain Cup Planter with Herringbone

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Product: Pinched Porcelain Cup Planter with Herringbone
Retailer: Ebenotti

Made to Order.

This porcelain handmade planter is the perfect addition to anyone’s home. It is great for succulents like the ones in the photos or any small plant. Succulents are a breeze to take care of and are slow growing so you don’t have to worry about transplanting for a while. Each planter is handmade from porcelain clay glazed with a satin matte finish and fired in a kiln. This planter is for indoor use, there is no drainage hole.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: porcelain, glaze
  • Made to order

Choose from five colors:

  • Satin Sky Blue
  • Satin Sage Green
  • Satin Peach Pink
  • Satin Mustard Yellow
  • Satin Purple Gray
  • Glossy White